Business Loans

Do you need a loan for your business but can’t get approved? Dan Advance offers an alternative to business loans. If you make at least ten thousand a month in credit card sales and have been in business for at least six months, you already qualify for a cash advance. We will buy a portion of your future credit card receipts and we’ll loan you the money you need right now. Repayment is made through a small percentage of your future sales and there is no fixed repayment schedule to worry about. You’ll also receive lower merchant fees than your current merchant account offers, saving you money over time. Apply now to get started!

Small Businesses are able to receive the same credit card processing rates and equipment costs as major retail chains.

Dan Advance specializes in merchant accounts, and we guarantee the lowest cost on credit card machines, credit card processing and merchant accounts.

Whether you are in NYC, LA, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, Boston or any other major city like Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, St. Louis, Detroit, Indianapolis, Newark, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City or Kansas City, Dan Advance can help you get the business financing you need. We also work small business owners that require loans in the most remote parts of the country, as long as your business makes $10,000 a month and has been in business six months, you already qualify so apply now.