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American Bison: A Natural History by Dale F. Lott

By Dale F. Lott

American Bison combines the newest clinical info and one man's own adventure in an homage to at least one of the main marvelous animals to have roamed America's large, vanished grasslands. Dale F. Lott, a unusual behavioral ecologist who was once born at the nationwide Bison variety and has studied the buffalo for a few years, relates what's recognized approximately this iconic animal's lifestyles within the wild and its afflicted heritage with people. Written with strange grace and verve, American Bison takes us on a trip into the bison's earlier and stocks a compelling imaginative and prescient for its destiny, supplying alongside the way in which a worthwhile advent to North American prairie ecology. We turn into Lott's partners within the box as he acquaints us with the social lifestyles and body structure of the bison, sharing tales approximately its notable actual prowess and interesting relationships. Describing the full grassland neighborhood within which the bison stay, he writes concerning the wolves, pronghorn, prairie canines, grizzly bears, and different animals and crops, detailing the interdependent relationships between those population of a misplaced panorama. Lott additionally lines the lengthy and dramatic courting among the bison and local americans, and offers a shocking examine the heritage of the disguise hunts that introduced the coup de gr?ce to the already dwindling bison inhabitants in a number of brief years. This ebook supplies us a peek on the wealthy and detailed methods of existence that developed within the middle of the United States. Lott additionally dismantles a number of the myths we've got created approximately those methods of lifestyles, and in regards to the bison particularly, to bare the animal itself: ruminating, reproducing, and rutting in its complete glory. His portrait of the bison finally turns into a plea to preserve its wildness and an eloquent meditation at the value of the wild in our lives. forty b/w images, 2 maps

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