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After Effects 6 Spanish by Adobe Press

By Adobe Press

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Chapter 3 Navigation IN THIS CHAPTER, YOU WILL LEARN •• To use a flowchart to plan your program •• How to insert and name new Frames •• How to make Flash respond to an event •• How to write a function that jumps from Frame to Frame •• How to use Frame numbers and names for navigation •• How to reuse a function •• How to remove Event Listeners to maintain clean code Many programmers will conceptualize their programs in terms of a flowchart: A certain answer to a prompt will determine what happens next.

Create a Number initial value of 0*/ variable and give it an var myNumber:Number = 0; Performing mathematical operations in Flash is easy. Just remember that a mathematical statement with an equals sign will assign the value on the right of the equation to the variable identified on the left of the equation. See the Resources for a link to a list of acceptable mathematical operations. 22╇╇Flash Programming for the Social and Behavioral Sciences /*Here are a few mathematical operations to try*/ myNumber = myNumber + 5; myNumber = myNumber – 10; myNumber = myNumber * 3; myNumber = myNumber / 2; â•… 7.

However, the line that defines your function and its parameters is one exception to this rule; you should NOT put a semicolon after the end of this line. If you do, the system will not process the subsequent lines of code correctly. ) Do, however, put a semicolon after each statement within your function. */ function functionYes(evt:MouseEvent):void { â•…â•… //Actions to be executed; } The curly brackets encompass the body of the function. This is where you place any code that you want to be executed when the function is called.

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