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Advances in Food and Nutrition Research, Vol. 36 by Author Unknown

By Author Unknown

This identify acknowledges the fundamental relationships among nutrition technological know-how and meals and offers experiences of issues in foodstuff in addition to nutrients technological know-how.

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15. Chromosomal location of major protein groups of hexaploid wheats. F. MACRITCHIE 32 in this area was conducted by Sears (1969). In simple terms, when a particular chromosome is missing, this may coincide with the disappearance of a certain band or bands in the electrophoreticpattern of the wheat protein, thus identifying the chromosome that carries the gene(s) responsible for the synthesis of the missing protein(s). Using these variants and others, such as substitution or ditelocentric lines, the same principle can be adopted to match proteins with chromosomes or chromosome arms.

Not determined. bMiRin er 01. (1983). 'Plan and Kasarda (1971). dHuebner et al. (1967). 'Charbonnier ( 1974). 'Singh er al. (1991). Wcachuk and Tipples (1966). "Ewart (1969). A. , Triricurn aestivum). That is to say, they have three genomes, each with seven pairs of chromosomes, making a total of 42 chromosomes as shown in Fig. 14. The genomes are denoted by the letters A, B, and D and the seven pairs of chromosomes in each genome are numbered from 1 to 7. Each chromosome consists of a long arm and a short arm joined by a centromere (see Fig.

A given variety can then be assigned a Glu-1 score, which is the sum of the contributions of each of the three HMW loci. , 1990). It may be that when we are dealing with relatively strong wheats having large quantities of glutenin, the effects of allelic variation may be swamped by the quantitative factors discussed in Section VI,B,2. Studies of durum (tetraploid)wheats showed that superior quality, based on elastic recovery of gluten, was almost always associated with a particular gliadin electrophoretic band, denoted band 45.

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