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A Theological Study of Old-Babylonian Personal Names, Volume by Alpin Wendell Bowes

By Alpin Wendell Bowes

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What deity they re£er to without . ions. eparating Akkadian n•••• £roa Suae~i~n ·;.. "i.. ,.. e. rather difficult.. Wi~t lea~t all naaea spelled in,Ak As a general principl;,;",,,,,t.. one element which is syllabically dian have been included. Thus r JRahy "aixed" naae. ent have been retained. ct that there aay' be no syllabic spelling in Akkadian. n included r but~not , d "d' LU- NANNA or,GEIE- GU-LA: , , type are ~ ~ PUNU. an4 ZALAG. O~her ideogram. o£ this Soa. ideograa. sent either an ,Akkadian or Suaerian god,,!

6nta of pardon, reconciliation. 14. Praiae. Ele••nte of preise, affirMation. 15. ence. 16. PEoteCtlOn. it00. El••enta of Justice, Judgment. ents of ownership, belong 1ng • Ele••nts indicating the presence of the deity. EleMehts of protection, shelter, haven. he deity provides for the baeic 114••da of the individual" especially food. 1,8. Radiance.. ing the radiant appearance' of 'the deity. 19. Reyarence. 2Q. Speaking. ent.. of reverence, £ear. EleMents indicating that the deity haa 19 spoken something.

Any £acets o£ that quality, but they are specific enough to be . di~tin9uished froM other qualities. rn-a~ran9in9 the categories we have tried to go beyond J. , and identify the reason £or the thanksgiving or the prsise or the attribute, etc. hree categories. int~ ~- We have tried to be- is".!! _------}... ed only once. Nonetheless, Many three-element neaes are listed twice because they contain two nan-theophoric elements. The categories are listed b~ow with a ,general heaQing £ollowed by a short description or descriptive synonyms.

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