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Seeking Real Truths: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on by Gerald R. Seaman Patricia Vilches

By Gerald R. Seaman Patricia Vilches

This quantity is a multidisciplinary method of Machiavelli's writings on executive, his inventive works and his legacy. it truly is intended for generalists looking an creation to Machiavelli and for experts who're attracted to quite a lot of disciplinary perspectives.

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Nonetheless, an examination of their occurrence reveals that rules, conceived as we have seen from particular cases, are relativized. After establishing them, Machiavelli outlines a possible situation where the rules might not hold or suggests that they would 30 marie gaille-nikodimov only hold under certain conditions. In this connection, we may, after having underlined the necessity for the prince to use his intellect to imagine the possible situations and the action appropriate to each one, skip from this point in the text all the way to chapter 23.

M. Revault d’Allones (Paris: Seuil, 1991). 4 This citation of Arendt can be found in R. Benier, “H. ” Juger: Sur la philosophie politique de Kant, 157–158. Translated from the French. 24 marie gaille-nikodimov for observation and discernment. Inversely, it should be said that, in Machiavelli’s eyes, the value of his counsel is due to his practical knowledge of the art of the state and, generally speaking, to the experience he acquired during his years of service to the Florentine Chancery. 5 This experience with current events, which is made complete through an in-depth knowledge of the ancients, is a condition for providing counsel: the good counselor is the man who is able to mix practical experience with a disengagement from action.

Thus, in his examination of the emergence of civil principality (chapter 9)—which occurs when a person from the city becomes prince by virtue of the support of the powerful and of the people—Machiavelli emphasizes the necessity of attracting the favor of the people and of maintaining this favor if it is indeed the people who brought the prince to power. But the prince cannot neglect to pay attention to the powerful, though for different reasons: for them, it is not their number that matters, but the fact that they are far-sighted and that they are more clever than the people.

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