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A Sculptor's Manual by Bainbridge Copnall and Fabio Barraclough (Auth.)

By Bainbridge Copnall and Fabio Barraclough (Auth.)

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The strain is taken with the tripod base displaced in the direction the weight is required to move. The strain is taken on the pulley, provision having been made for the weight to slide along the ground without damage. Progressively as ground is covered, so the tripod is moved. Long timbers are often necessary in a move using lifting tackle. With slings, as shown above it may be necessary to cross-tie two verticals with another piece of rope to ensure the slings grip the side of the weight. The opposite situation, where it is feared the ropes will press too violently on a fragile side of the object, may call for a spreader (Fig.

Thousands of carvings have been made of this wood ; great for detail and delicacy. PLATE 3 0 . "Family Group", 1 9 6 3 , oak carved direct, 1 4 ft high, in the sculptor's garden. Bought by D u d l e y Corporation. M — Ε A SCULPTOR'S M A N U A L Ebony Jarrah Lignum vitae Lime Oak Padouk Pear Pine Plane Mahogany Snakewood Sycamore Teak Hard to cut—a peeling, slicing method must be evolved; rich black in colour; grain very fine. A hard redwood from Australia ; cuts well and of course polishes to a high shine.

Good to carve ; seldom cracks ; even grain ; colour a little insignificant but polishes very well. Cuts beautifully; small compact grain; various colours from light brown to red. Rather similar to ebony; apt to grip one's chisels; colour=specky, comparable to a snake's skin. Cuts well but apt to peel so care must be taken ; nice colour and delightful marking. Cuts well but splinters a little ; blunts tools to a slight uneven edge ; some carvers are allergic to teak; will weather beautifully; even grain.

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