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A Promise Made (Family Feud, Book 2) by Linda Sole

By Linda Sole

The eagerly-awaited moment novel within the relations Feud series.

Frances Danby has spent the second one global battle years eager for her husband Marcus to come back. while he does, Frances fears for her marriage. Marcus is withdrawn and starts off to drink seriously. She needs to face tragedy forward. in the meantime, her sister Emily resides fortunately lower than Lord Vane’s roof, yet Vane’s spouse is jealous of Emily’s baby. Will she exhibit the key she is aware may possibly tear the kin aside?

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Carlo Pecchi) Below: A Panzer II tank moves alongside a Tiger I at Anzio, Italy, early in 1944. Although against Guderian's instructions to concentrate all the modern tanks in the main battle fronts in the east and the west, Tiger and Panther units also served in Italy. (Carlo Pecchi) Guderian's initial organizational changes as Generalinspekteur der Panzertruppen were not as successful as he had hoped, as a remark by the commander of Panzergruppe West emphasizes: in spite of improved weapons and vehicles, the 1944 divisions only possessed one-third of the combat strength of a 1939 Panzer division.

Yet Fuller managed to be sacked by arguing with the War Office over small details, while Liddell Hart bitterly criticized the whole concept at the root of the EMF. In spite of this the development of armoured formations continued at a steady pace until the mid-1930s. The EMF experience provided the basis for the 'purple book', or the first official handbook on armour entitled Mechanised and Armoured Formations. The development of radios also brought an important step forward in the British armoured tactics, and in the summer of 1930 an exercise was held that proved the effectiveness of mechanized units which were able to maintain contact with their HQ while on the battlefield.

This gave Guderian strong, though not unlimited, control over the Panzertruppen - which included Panzer, Panzergrenadier and motorized infantry units, armoured reconnaissance and anti-tank troops, plus later the heavy assault gun (Sturmgeschiitz) units; these all formed part of the Panzer and the Panzergrenadier divisions. Guderian was directly responsible for the organization and training of the independent armoured units and the Panzer and Panzergrenadier divisions of the army, a task he was to carry out in cooperation with the chief of army staff, and he also had the right to issue general directives on the matter of organization and training to the armoured and mechanized units of the Waffen-SS and the Luftwaffe.

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