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A history of theories of ether and electricity. The by Edmund T. Whittaker

By Edmund T. Whittaker

The aim of this quantity is to explain the revolution in physics which happened within the first region of the 20 th century, and which integrated the discoveries of exact Relativity, the older Quantum concept, common Relativity, Matrix Mechanics and Wave Mechanics.

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Edu © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 M. Zack, E. S. Silverberg Hood 1598). In a very real sense, the mathematics of the heavens was brought down to the realm of earthly concerns and endeavors. Immediately following this period a second revolution in trigonometric applications was ushered in by the invention of logarithms by Napier (1614, 1618) and the rapid development of tables of the logarithms of both natural numbers and trigonometric values by Napier and Briggs (1619) and others.

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