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A Bohr-Langmuir Transformatio by Evans G. C.

By Evans G. C.

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The angle of maximum polarization is known as the angle of polarization or Brewster angle and varies with the nature of the substance. Brewster discovered that the refractive index was equal to the tangent of the angle of polarization. This law leads to the result that the sum of the angle of incidence and angle of refraction at maximum polarization is equal to a right angle. Brianchon's Theorem F or any hexagon whose sides are tangent to a come. the diagonals connecting opposite vertices intersect in a point (or are parallel).

If Celsius Scale The original Celsius scale of temperature of 1742 had as zero the boiling point of water and as 100 the freezing point. The scale was inverted by Christin in 1743. The terms of Celsius and Centigrade are used synonymously. Cerenkov Radiation See Cherenkov Radiation Cesaro's Summation Formula A method of obtaining a sum of a series LX; which may not necessarily be convergent. If 5 I, 52, . . 5. + 1 -1 + ... , the method obtains a Ceva's Theorem If three concurrent straight lines are drawn from the vertices A, Band C of a triangle to meet the opposite sides (produced ifnecessaryj at P, - - Q and R respectively, then the product AR.

COONa + CH 3 0H All aldehydes may be made to undergo this reaction in the presence of aluminium ethoxide. 47 Caratheodory's Principle Caratheodory's Principle In the neighbourhood of an arbitrary state J of a thermally isolated system there are states J which are inaccessible from 1. It is a statement of the second law of thermodynamics and asserts that there are states as close as we wish to J that cannot be reached by an adiabatic process. These inaccessible states have entropy less than J. Carnot Cycle A c Volume Carnot Cycle A sequence of operations forming the working cycle of an ideal heat engine of maximum thermal efficiency.

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